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Windows 7, 8 & 10  -  Apple Mac iOS all Versions

I am focused on repairs to hardware, computer security and operating systems.

replace broken LCD Screens - repair broken laptop hinges - replace power adaptor connectors

repair WMI (windows management instrumentation) - check & repair windows file system errors

fix sound connections - replace wifi hardware - diagnose and replace hard drives - backup user data

replace old style mechanical hard disk drives - install solid state storage drives of all types

increase system memory (RAM) - fix boot up problems - replace corrupted system resources

replace corrupted windows accounts - tuneup Mac iOS - tuneup Windows systems

eliminate ‘bundle-ware’ - eliminate ‘bloat-ware’ - reduce startup time - remote assistance

Recenly forced downloaded updates and interrupted downloads of these updates has caused many computers to stop booting and require advanced system repairs. The repairs of these errors is often pretty routine, but occaisionally involves some extra effort to find exactly what has gone wrong with the update. My advice for all Microsoft Windows users, is to not interrupt and as prompted in every case of updates “Do not turn off your computer” during the update process. But it can also be the case that a user who has followed the directions implicitly, will experience mishaps, not necessarily caused by the interruption of updates.

Windows Upgrade Headaches

I do deep-scan removal of virus infestations, Trojans, scare-ware, bloat-ware and ransom-ware. There is also a separate class of non-malware that is nonetheless harmful to the normal operation of computers; known as unwanted programs and modifications. These fly under the radar of some popular anti-virus search engines and can avoid detection.

Most folks I meet do not realize the threat in blithely roaming around on the Internet, shopping, gaming or working. That threat becomes very serious when there is inadequate malware or anti-virus protection.

Never has there been more potential for acquiring infection to computer operating systems; on both Mac and Windows computers. I have developed scanning routines that go far beyond what the average user does, to try and protect themselves from such intrusion. It is not always the same and sometimes can take hours or even days of scanning and searching for code and programs hiding on their computers. I have become proficient at scraping all this crud off and repairing the damage left behind by the actions of these Internet criminals. It is a very rare occasion when I find a computer completely free of threats.

Viruses & Unwanted Modifications or Programs

One of the most frequent problems with personal computers is the failure of the hard drive storage device or other storage media such as solid state drives (SSD). I advise my customers that there is no IF about the failures, it is more a matter of when and how much mileage you will get from the hard drive. SOLID STATE drives are my only replacements, & you can expect them to last longer than the old style mechanical hard drives.

Hard Drive and SSD failures