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Yelp is a 'free' review service...IF you create an account with them. That's a pain because sometimes one just wants to make a comment on service recieved without going through some entangled process. However, the people who do suffer through that forced joining routine, have made honest comments about their experience working with me on their computer problems. I do not buy Yelp advertising. I have a strong hunch, that businesses who do not buy thier advertising, may get filtered. I know that over half of my legitimate reviews have been classified as "not recommended" due I suspect, to the software filtering that they use. Frankly, I think there is somebody with his finger on the scale during this whole process.

I don't work at trying to get good reviews. I work at getting the job done for my customers and treating them the way I would like to be treated if I were in their shoes.,, and their review system, seems a lot less biased that the one above. If someone volunteers that they would like to comment on their experience with me, I point them to Google as the preferred site. It is simple, straight forward and uncomplicated.

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Having said all that, I do know that there are some businesses that struggle with good customer service and quality work and then maybe, out of desparation to get a piece of the market of needy users, possibly try co-erce customers to make up reviews and get them to post them. So I guess there is a need for some sort of vetting process. But when that process catches reviews that are completely legit...there is something wrong with it. That's all I'm saying.

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Nonetheless, I am thankful for those who have successfully made it through the guantlet of whatever gates there are, and have made their heartfelt comments about my work. And I am grateful to both Google and Yelp for allowing those folks, to post their reviews of my work on their sites.