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Find out what others think of my work. Click on the link below to reviews.

I am very grateful for those kind folks who have expressed their honest comments about my work. And I am specifically grateful to Google for making it possible for those people to post their reviews of my work on their sites.

If someone volunteers that they would like to comment on their experience with me, I point them to Google as the preferred site. It is simple, straight forward and uncomplicated.,, and their review system, seems a lot less biased than that the other review website.

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What about that welping sound...

Forget about the company that names itself after what a dog does when he feels pain.

They have hidden 100, ( of April 28, 2021) totally legitmate customer's 5 star reviews, as being 'not recommended'. Look for yourself and see what you think of all those hidden reviews. I am just a small guy, getting by, without their paid advertising. And that evidently pisses someone off over there...and my 'recommended' reviews are dissappearing as I write this...and it will probably go on as they try to make me disappear. That's not going to happen :)

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I do know that there are some businesses that struggle with good customer service and quality work and then maybe, out of desparation possibly try invite customers to make up reviews and get them to post them.

I am aware that there is a need for a vetting process.

But when that process hides reviews that are completely legitimate...there is something wrong with that! That is an example of technical tyranny.

Don't let that company strangle your freedom of expression.