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Comments from some of my customers:

---Pete M.Belmont, CA 12/5/2018

Wow what a great experience.  Work done honestly, quickly and extras added.  I ended up having to get a new computer and everything was transferred from the one that was ruined from Best Buy's repair.  Will be my go to Computer person.

---Allyson 9/8/2018

Ron was great! He went above and beyond to fix my very dead laptop and even gave me a student discount. Highly recommended!

---Rich M.San Mateo, CA 8/8/2018

Found Ron on Yelp as a recommendation when my favorite repair shop closed. I have a new favorite now. Professional, informative and great customer service. Didn't charge me for checking out my dead laptop and helped me decide if it was worth fixing.

---Ashley G.Stanford, CA 5/23/2018

Ron saved me over one hundred dollars! The USB power connection on my Numark DJ controller detached from the motherboard. In less than 24-hours and for a fair price, Ron reattached the cable to the motherboard and did so in a way that it should not come apart again. It seems that his skills apply not only to computers, but to other electronics accessories too. Again, thank you so much!

---Marnie O.San Francisco, CA 1/22/2018

Ron is the BEST!!! I had a very old non-functioning computer that I had not used for over 6 years. Ron was able to extract all my family photos and music with ease. He is fast, professional, and very nice to work with. Thanks Ron for preserving my memories!!!

---Noneoyo B.La Honda, CA 5/24/2017

Ron's an expert, straight-up, experienced computer guy. He has good, clear communication, and good prices. Rather than taking your computer to a megalithic company with poor communication you're way better off going to Ron. With him I discussed the idea of upgrading my laptop to avoid slowdowns when it's starting up, or when it's synchronizing data with the cloud. I found Ron's advice to be sound. This comes from someone (me) who had both built and run a 25-user local area network (LAN) with PCs, Macs and enterprise security like a CheckPoint Software Technologies firewall. These days I prefer to have someone else handle my computer work. The reason I talked to Ron is that a Best Buy store's service actually made my computer problem slightly worse than before I took it to them. The minor damage they caused had to be repaired.

---Jon N.Rancho Cordova, CA 3/23/20161

MacBook pro screen was cracked and I was referred to Ron by a close acquaintance. 

Email exchanged for a few days and brought it in.

He told me how long it would take (a few hours) 

even though I expected it back much later. (Great turnaround/response time)

Got a call the next day...The repair was fast. Solid quality customer oriented service; and a cool gentleman to boot! 

Definitely bring your devices over when they need repairs because Ron's the man when it comes to tech.

I am definitely returning when I have any problems with tech.

---John M.San Carlos, CA 6/4/2018

Great service, efficient work - my computer had become completely unresponsive.  Ron took time on a Sunday to get it back up and running so that I could be ready for work the next day.  Highly recommend.

---G P.San Carlos, CA 12/20/2017

Ron is great to work with and knows technology.  Highly recommend!

---David M.Redwood City, CA 7/12/2017

I had a "software" issue with my Macbook Air that was preventing me from accessing the internet.  I messaged Ron via email & stopped by today 12JUL17.  In about 15 minutes, Ron was able to completely clean up the issue & restore my computer back to like it was on day 1. He also made several recommendations to me on virus protection going forward.  Ron is as honest as they come & I can highly recommend using his services, I know I will again if the need arises.  Thanks Ron!

---Kasey S.Redwood City, CA 6/28/2017

Ron is a lifesaver! All the other are 100% on point. He's quick, reasonably priced, gracious and very smart. Over the weekend my hard drive failed/started failing and my computer was inoperable. I brought it in to Ron on Monday afternoon and the same day he had investigated and given me options. By the next day I was able to pick up a my tower which now had a new hard drive to use that was up and running so I could continue running the business it's used for. What a lifesaver! He didn't even charge for the used hard drive he gave me to work from. I am very impressed and so grateful to find him.

---Neely F.Seattle, WA 5/5/2017

Do not go anywhere else. This is THE guy. Tried a "reputable" place in Belmont, they found 1 virus. Computer still acted up. Took it to Ron, he found 40 viruses/trojans!  Ron knows what he is doing and you can trust his work. Don't bother with the other shops. Ron is worth every dime.

-—Marjorie B.San Carlos, CA 5/18/2017

Run, don't walk and take  your computer to Ron! 

As the other Yelpers say, he knows what he is doing, is trustworthy, honest and a very nice person. Ron, don't ever move away from San Carlos!!

---Timothy R.San Mateo, CA 3/5/2016

Ron is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  My Windows 10 "upgrade" had turned into a disaster where I couldn't even boot my machine anymore.  The machine was 8 years old so it had lots and lots of data on it (including years of pictures).  Ron was very clear on the options available from the potential of getting everything working again to just recovering my data files.  Ron got the machine functional again in just one day and I didn't lose any of my data.  I'm a very happy camper.  BTW.  His prices are very competitive too so besides being a really nice guy, I didn't having any sense that he was taking advantage of me when I was getting close to desperate.  

Lessons learned:

 1.  Use the external back-up drive (that I still had in the shrink wrap) to back-up all my data at least once a month.

 2.  Call Ron to fix things when I've run out of things I know how to do.

---Mercedes N.Redwood City, CA 6/27/2017

I would have put 1,000 stars if Yelp would have let me.  I just wanted to share this with you, because I have found a GEM in San Carlos that fixed our three laptops in a very efficient and honest  way and for a very reasonable price.   If your computer/laptop etc is broken take it to Ron at Freelance Computer Repair.    

My laptop was overheating and the fan was making weird noises.  I took it to Ron and he told me that the fan didn't need to be replaced.  He found a bit of plastic (courtesy of one of my boys for sure)  that was making the noise and causing this to malfunction. Total cost $40.    Yes!  For $40 my laptop is back to normal.    I just couldn't been happier!!  Thank you Ron!

---Matt G.San Carlos, CA 12/6/2017

Great service and trustworthy.  Ron fixed my iMacs failed hard drive and replaced a broken high end laptop screen!  Give him a call!

---Lauren S.San Carlos, CA 3/15/2017

Ron is the kind of person that genuinely wants to do the right thing for his customers and does excellent work. He is a refreshing light in the service industry, I did not have to convince him to do the right thing- he just does it!

I've worked with Ron twice, and both times he fixed my computer and was extremely fair to generous. Most recently he fixed my computer in 5 minutes (genius!) and didn't charge me. I will definitely continue to recommend Ron and use Ron for any future computer issues!

---Stewart L.Menlo Park, CA 2/27/2016

Stop and don't waste any more time searching for computer repairs. It doesn't get any better than this and Ron knows what he's doing. 

Price is very reasonable and repairs are fast. My laptop had numerous problems all of which were taken care of. Reinstalled WIN10, added RAM, got a great deal on an additional monitor, and much more!

---Carlo C.San Carlos, CA 11/20/2015

Awesome.  Corrupted boot sector and partition on my hard drive, somehow some folders weren't getting backed up either.  Dropped off naked drive, Ron made it readable again in 24 hrs.  Was able to copy it to new hard drive using Teracopy (get it at - fantastic free tool  much faster and reliable than regular Windows copy).

Thanks Ron

---Jay M.San Carlos, CA 1/16/2017

Having been in the IT industry for almost 30 years I've dealt with many service professionals. Ron is one of the best. He's highly competent technically and delivers a five-star customer service experience at a fair price. My family, friends and I will go to Ron for all of our future computer repair and maintenance needs.

---karin s.Redwood City, CA 10/16/2016

Ron is the best -- so kind and knows his stuff. His prices are incredibly reasonable. I would highly recommend him!!!!!

---lawrence C.Burlingame, CA 9/3/2016

Ron is the nicest computer technician I have ever met. He is honest and his rates are fairly priced, and he is determined to get the job repair done above and beyond your satisfaction in a timely manner. He has a firm policy that if he cannot fix your computer, he will not charge you. I highly recommend Ron if you ever encounter any computer problems.

---Avin P.Menlo Park, CA 4/10/2017

Awesome. I took my 6 month old laptop to Ron. And Ron told me that their was no need for me to get services by him. Instead of charging me a fee and doing the repair anyways, he advised me to go to the manufacturer and have them help since it is still warranted. That was the best advice ever, he saved me some money, and time. Thanks again Ron! Definitely recommend if your looking for someone who is honest and experienced.

---Duane J.San Carlos, CA 6/24/2017

You know that it's all about you, the customer, when you deal with Ron,  He is timely, reasonably priced and just a real nice guy. He is also flexible. I took a solar charge controller (definitely not his core business) that needed some tricky soldering done on a circuit board. He took care of it quickly and without issues.

---Inge D.San Carlos, CA 3/10/2016

Ron was great - very knowledgeable, helpful and fast!  He was able to troubleshoot my son's gaming PC and get it working better than ever in a day.  Ron will definitely by my go-to guy for any computer issues in the future.

---Y S.San Carlos, CA 10/10/2015

Ron knows computers. Period. I had a problem after upgrading to Windows 10 whereby my graphics drivers had become unresponsive and my function keys for the brightness of the screen didn't work anymore. My regular IT guy couldn't fix it, the Microsoft Store couldn't figure it out, and and I was dreading the prospect of having to reset my machine. I dropped it off that Ron's on a Friday afternoon got my computer back mid morning on Saturday. It is working great. Besides being an excellent technician, Ron is customer-oriented, friendly, and fun to chat with. His prices are very reasonable and I am definitely going back for future hardware/software repairs.

---ruti g.San Carlos, CA 3/1/2017

Ron replaced my malfunctioned keyboard and replaced the very old hard drive with a speedy new one. He's very helpful, resourceful and responsive. Worth going to him than waiting for husband to do it for me. I'm definately coming back whenever any hardware issue arises.

---Joe T.Redwood City, CA 5/23/2014

Ron is the real deal. All the other have it right. I called Ron after talking to a couple other computer guys and after reading his reviews. 

The guy knows his stuff. He was very informative about the issues that my laptop was having. Once he knew the issue, he called me and told me, in this case it was my hard drive. 

Compared to others I called Ron was the most reasonably priced. 

He fixed the issue on my computer and it is functioning again.

I would go back to Ron again with any issue i have when it comes to computers.

I feel like I have my own "computer guy" which is great because i dont know much about fixing computers and to have such an awesome guy who you can count on is just a blessing.

---Greg H.San Carlos, CA11/23/2015

Ron did a great job. Very fast. Adapted to my schedule and reasonably priced. Easy to refer his work!

---Lee S.San Carlos, CA 1/28/2017

Ron has helped me out several times with Mac related problems, and he's always stellar. He's an experienced guy who knows what he's doing. He's a good communicator, and I always learn something new about the care and feeding of my Macs. Turnaround is fast, so I'm back up and running with minimal downtime. Highly recommended.

---Gary E.Sarasota, FL 3/6/2015

I flew from Sarasota to SFO.  When I got on the plane and turned on my computer it would not boot.   Fortunately I could use the plane's wifi and my phone to search for someone to repair my computer in San Carlos. I found Freelance Technical Service, read the rave and sent him an email,  He responded within an hour and we set up an appointment for this morning.  I dropped the computer off at his office and left.  Less than an hour later he called me back and said it was fixed.   I am writing this review from that fixed computer.  I highly recommend Ron Gravent and his Freelance Technical Services.  (I guess this review is also a tribute to Yelp - how else would I have found such a great computer repair service so quickly.)

---William Q.San Mateo, CA 1/6/2015

Ron is good as he is known in the yelp community. I'm glad to have him. He is quick to respond, efficient to work with, and superb in problem solving. All thumbs up and cannot ask for more!! Ron, Thank you!!

---Pedro D.San Jose, CA 7/31/2016

Took my laptop to Ron because it wouldn't boot. He installed new hardware and OS for a very fair price. Highly recommend

---Eric H.San Francisco, CA 6/26/2016

My MacBook pro's trackpad was broken.  At first Ron tried to clean it, but that didn't work (didn't charge me a cent).  Next he was able to find a replacement and had my computer ready within 24 hours.  Ron's customer service, knowledge, flexibility, very fair pricing, and no nonsense approach are reasons you should bring your devices to him.  I'm hoping I don't have any computer problems in the near future, but if I do, I'm defintely going to Ron.

---Michelle S.San Francisco, CA 5/1/2016

Ron is awesome!  I needed to transfer data from a PC to MacBook.  Apple Genius Bar has a 2-3 turnaround time and I couldn't relinquish both of my computers that long.  I called Ron one evening and he told me he could work on my project first thing the next morning.  I dropped my computers off at 8 am and picked them up at 9:30...90 minutes later!  Ninety minutes...not 2-3 days (um, see Apple!)... and for half the price!  Ron is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  I'm thrilled to have found a go-to person for all computer needs, and I highly recommend him to anyone!

---Cindy R.San Carlos, CA 2/23/2013 First to Review

Recently, the unthinkable actually toddler dropped our iPad and it broke. Just bands of orange moving across the screen...

As I contemplated whether it made more sense to get it repaired or just bite the bullet and buy a new one, I checked Yelp to find a local repair shop and stumbled across Ron Gravatt. He had great reviews, so I decided to take a chance.

The results were incredible, so I want to encourage anyone with a computer issue, to call upon this amazing resource here in San Carlos.

Although we originally suspected that we needed to replace the LCD, it turned out to be a different issue. There was a loose connection and we needed a power ribbon replaced. 

I was so impressed with how responsive Ron was. He was a fantastic diagnostician and troubleshooter. He treated our iPad issue as though it was his own. He gave me updates on his progress, went above and beyond (even using a part from his own iPad instead of waiting for a part to come in the mail because we were about to leave on a trip), and then he wound up delivering the fixed iPad to our home...charging me a lot less than the initial estimate!I totally recommend him for any computer issue you're trying to solve!

---Reid B.San Carlos, CA 2/23/2015

Ron did a SSD drive install and OS upgrade for me. He's fast as a tiger and friendly as a....friendly tiger? He was very friendly. 

At any rate, great experience. Timely, professional, reasonable. Great communication.  Happy to recommend.

---Annie Z.New York, NY 8/8/2014

Nice person w/ great experience !Brought my laptop there because of the keyboard problem.Actually I have already asked another technique person before,but he asked me $70 for changing the whole thing.Mine is actually a brand-new one,so Ron just fixed the broken one and I really saved a lot.If next time I have another computer issue,I'll definitely visit Ron again:)Really Thx a lot!

---Taher G.Redwood City, CA 4/8/2015

You cannot go wrong with Ron. He is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and his prices are very reasonable. We switched internet providers at work and experienced many bumps along the road. Ron helped us with the switch and went to battle against Comcast and CBeyond to get all of our domains/emails/info transferred over (which turned out to be a nightmare of a process). We would not have been able to do it without him. In addition, he helped us clean up all of our computers, updated them, and set up a backup system/good antivirus. He is now and will always be our go-to IT guy for our engineering firm or for any personal needs.

---Patti M.San Carlos, CA 5/12/2016

Ron just fixed my 2008 IMac. It was slow and the hard drive gave out.  He replaced it and upgraded the memory. It is like a brand new computer for a quarter the price.  he did it 3 days and is very responsive with any questions.  He has fixed other computers in the past as well.

---Robert W.Belmont, CA 8/23/2014

I contacted him to repair the port connector on my Dell laptop.  His communication was very timely and friendly.  He researched the model and let me know that the power connector on this model is not on the main board,  so the repair would not cost the standard (reasonable) power connector charge, but only an hourly rate.  He said the connector is on its own little board, which was likely what was loose, preventing my laptop from charging.  I dropped my computer with him at 915 am and it was finished by 130pm.  $80 well spent.  A very positive experience.

---Joanne H.San Carlos, CA 2/10/2016

We all know that sinking feeling when our computer goes awry. My audio completely went out. Well, No need to search further! I brought my laptop in and Ron repaired the hard drive in less than an hour. Talk about professional, reliable and extremely reasonable! I would recommend him wholeheartedly, without reservation! I only wish I could give him more than 5 stars! Thank you thank you thank you!

---Deepika A.San Mateo, CA 11/10/2013

We had our laptop battery stuck, It was Critical to remove it. We found Ron on yelp although it was sunday. he helped us and solved a problem. Ron gave us a great service   totally recommend him!!

---Tobin S.Redwood City, CA 8/20/2013

I took my iPad in to Ron to have him replace the broken screen.  He completed it in under 2 hours and did a great job!!  I had gone to Fast Repair previously and was extremely disappointed in the job they did as the glass kept separating from the iPad....Ron said it was because they didn't remove all of the old glue before putting the new glass on.  He is very knowledgable, friendly and prompt.  Also he charged much less than Fast Repair.  I will look no further for all of my computer and device services from here on out!  Take my advice and stay away from those big chains, they charge more for less!!!  Go to Ron, he's the man :)

---Brian C P.San Carlos, CA 3/28/2014

I had a Dell laptop that suddenly had a very noisy fan.  It was out of warranty by a few months so I hit the Internet to find a local computer repair person.  I came across Ron and his computer repair service and his said it all.  And, I can now say from experience that they are all accurate. First of all, Ron is a very nice and friendly person and very easy to deal with.  On top of that, he is very knowledgable about PCs and also Macs and even iPads.  He actually repairs all of them. He procured a replacement fan for my laptop in just a couple of days and fixed everything up the following day with no issues.  His repair fee was incredibly fair and I find him completely trustworthy.  I couldn't recommend him any more highly and will surely use his services in the future, should I ever need any type of PC or Mac repair.

---nikki r.San Carlos, CA 11/25/2014

Upon your first communication with Ron, you will recognize immediately that he is not just a tech guru, but an all-around good guy who really wants to utilize his talents to help you out. It's evident that l he loves what he does and he jumps in with two feet to assist those in need. I was in need, for sure, and Ron came to my rescue by email alone since there were some basic steps I could take to get my machine operable again. I'm probably going to have to pay him a visit with this old CPU of mine in the very near future, but in the meantime, he got me running efficiently enough to be productive. I have finally found my personal tech support in Ron - don't bother looking anywhere else if you need computer assistance. Thank you, Ron!

---bill s.San Carlos, CA 8/6/2014

Cannot say enough about the unexpected two hr turnaround on my MacBook Pro. Apple Store quoted $325-$550 and I saved about 80%.  Will return to Ron for all my computer repairs.

---Johannah N.San Carlos, CA 7/29/2014

Ron did a great job upgrading my Mac Mini computer with more RAM. He also advised on  anti virus ware and showed me how to keep it running faster by not storing so much on my desktop. I had taken the computer elsewhere and they kept it for days and couldn't do it in the end. Ron ordered the parts, called me when arrived and did the work overnight. Price was fair too. Thanks, Ron!

---David G.Oakland, CA 6/10/2013

I cracked the LCD on my Mac Book Pro about a month ago. I contacted Ron and he was courteous and genuinely wanted to help, he also offered to diagnose the exact problem before charging me to make sure the price within my budget. The quote was much more reasonable than the competitors and the service was personal and friendly. He diagnosed the problem, ordered the replacement part and fixed my computer in less than a week, and he even cleaned my Mac! My computer looks and works great and I am currently writing this review on my beautifully fixed Mac Book Pro! 

It is also nice to use the service of an independent San Calos resident rather than some random business. I will no doubt refer Ron to my friends. 

---Carolina M.San Carlos, CA 8/20/2013

I took my PC laptop to Ron so he could see if it was worth saving or not. He reloaded all the software and it's as good as new now! He was very knowledgeable, provided wonderful service and gave me great advice. He was also very reasonably priced. We're going to continue to use him any time we need help with our computers in the future!

---kevin d.San Carlos, CA 10/7/2013

Ron is fast, has a great attitude, and his work is excellent!  Very reasonable rates and personal service - can't beat that!  Highly recommend him.

---Denise B.Belmont, CA 3/9/2014

After reading the reviews, I decided to bring my busted PC to Ron. Thank you, Yelpers!  He's great- went over the basics on the phone before I came in, very accommodating, super nice, and his prices are beyond reasonable.  I'd gotten the same PC "fixed" at a store in San Mateo last time it needed attention and it crashed within a few months.  Ron explained exactly what was wrong and fixed it in 2 days. I was so happy that I brought him my virus-infected laptop when I picked up my PC.  Same great service.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  I was so happy to find someone so trustworthy and knowledgeable right in my own backyard!

---Dorothy M.San Francisco, CA 7/5/2013

Ron has rescued/saved my 5-year old Dell computer and HP Printer. He provides remote support, spending time, very patient and listens.  I recommend Ron for any computer issue

---Debbe B.San Carlos, CA 3/7/2014

Took my laptop to Ron to have him fix my internet. For some unknown reason I could not hook up to the internet as it said hardware not found.  First I tried everything to fix even reinstalled windows.  Wouldn't work.  Brought it to Ron and I know he spent a lot of time trying to solve this problem and he was finally able to get my computer to work again.  His fee  was so reasonable, I know he should have charged me more for his time.  I would definitely recommend Ron.  If I ever have any issues with a computer again I'm going straight to Ron for him to fix.

---Michael S.San Carlos, CA 6/18/2013

Like the previous reviewer, I cracked the glass on my Mac Book Pro. When I searched for a repair place, I was surprised to find someone right here in San Carlos. I called Ron, he asked for some info and ordered the parts, and the next day we dropped off the computer and picked it up the same day. Ron was super friendly, the price was great, and the Mac looks like new.