If your computer starts to respond slowly or begins doing things that don’t seem to make sense, it is time to act. These could be the signs of several possibilities and none of them are going to fix themselves. A slow down or erratic behavior could mean anyone of the following:
Allowing these conditions to exist, risks loosing your documents, photos, music and all that you have stored on your computer.

These conditions can lead to total failure of your computer and hard drive. You could loose your valuable documents and photos.

Call me now if you are experiencing any of the above, or if you suspect you have viruses or have been called by PHONEY SUPPORT people!

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MS Windows & Apple Macs

All desktops & laptops

Speed up slow computers

Virus and malware removal

Upgrade older hardware

Diagnostics & Tune-ups

Fix broken laptop hinges

Laptop screen replacements

Hard disk & memory upgrades

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